Joint International Journal of Cancer and Meyenburg-Stiftung Lectureship


Takashi Sugimura
"Cooked food-borne mutagens, heterocyclic amines. Do they present a human risk?"

Rolf Zinkernagel
"Immunological games tumors play"

Pierre Chambon
"Dissection of the retinoid signalling pathway through somatic mutagenesis"


Mina Bissell
"The structural Basis of Tissue Specificity in Normal and Malignatn Breast:
 The role of Extracellular Matrix and Its Receptors"

Robert Weinberg
"Telomerase and the Creation of Human Tumor Cells"

Sir Richard Peto
"Halving Premature Death"


Axel Ullrich
"New Approaches in Cancer Therapy: From Genes to Drugs"

Thea Tlsty
"Loos of Genomic Integrity in Preneoplastic Human Cells"

Albert de la Chapelle
"Genetic and Epigenetic Predisposition to Colon Cancer"


Thierry Boon
"T Cell Responses in Vaccinated Cancer Patients"

Umberto Veronesi
"Breast Conservation: Current Results and Future Perspectives"

Anton Berns
"Mouse Models for Cancer"


Tadatsugu Taniguchi
"Interferons and interferon regulatory factors in immunity and cancer"

Ralph Steinman
"Dendritic cells: sentinels of the immune system in health and disease"

Bruce Ponder
"Genetics and the prevention of cancer"


Judah Folkman
"Molecular mechanisms by which the host suppresses angiogenesis, tumor groth and metastasis"

Pelayo Correa
"The Biology of the Gastric Neoplastic Process"

Judith Campisi
"Cancer and Aging: Rival Demons?"


George Klein
"Nonimmune Surveillance Against Tumors"

Kim Nasmyth
"How Do Cells Hold Sister Chromatids Togehter?"

David Sidransky
"Basic and Clinical Applications of the Cancer Methylome"


Hans Clevers
"Wnt and Notch signaling pathways in development and cancer of the gut"

Rudolf Jänisch
"Nuclear cloning, stem cells and cell therapy:promise, problems, reality"

Janet Rowley
"Where are the magic bullets for AML?"


Peter Vogt (12 März 2008, 16.00 h)
"Phosphatidylinositol 3-Kinase in Cancer"

Elaine Fuchs (26. September 2008, 15.00 h)
"Skin Stem Cells, Morphogenesis and Cancer"

Charles Sherr (11.November 2008, 16.00 h)
"The Arf Tumor Suppressor: Stem Cell Renewal and Cancer"


Anthony B. Miller* (18.Februar 2009, 16.00h)
"Conundrums in Screening for Cancer"

Peter Jones (27 Mai 2009, 16.00h)
"Epigenomics and Cancer"

Anne-Lise Børresen-Dale (30.September 2009, 16.00h)
"Exploring the Systems Biology/Pathology of Breast Cancer"

Aaron Ciechanover (23 November 2009, 16.00h)
"Intracellular Protein Degradation: From Basic Mechanisms through Human Diseases and on to Drug Targeting"

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